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Tim J.

Truly enjoyed the brewing class! I've been to many brewer talks but could never quite grasp the intricacies of the process. Maybe it's because some brewers don't want to give away their "secrets", but Bob was most organized and knowledgeable. Can't wait to lay some knowledge at the next craft beer fest! Thank you!

Sean G.

The beer brewing class was so informative. The step-to-step info was presented in a way that could get anyone up and running. Thanks a million!

Jeremy K. Russell

Great information last week. I feel like I know how to get from point A to Z when it comes to making my own craft beer. Hope the wife won't mind but I think I'll start a brewery in my garage.

Rory D.

The first time I watched this class I forgot I was watching a class! I really enjoyed being able to learn different ways to brew beer. Watching it again and jotting down notes helped a lot when I started the brewing process myself... Just bottled the Blonde AleŠ Can't wait to try it out!

Heathcliff S.

I want to drink a beer with Bob! I learned so much from his classŠ And he seems like a cool person to have a beer with. Cool environment. The man knows his stuff.

Fritz S.

The class was good. I learned more than I expected to. Especially the extra stuff at the endŠ I bet most home brewers don't think about that stuff when they fantasize about opening a brew pub.

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