About Us

Mixology Training provides high-quality, online courses about all aspects of intoxicants from crafting to consumption. No matter if your interests are commercial / career-oriented (Bartending / Hospitality training and certification) or if you want to expand upon your passion or hobby (Beer Brewing, Wine Tasting, or home entertainment with a “twist”) Mixology scours the industry to find the best and the brightest in order to bring you the kind of top-notch training that you won’t find in most local live training facilities at a price that 

blows them all away. Best of all, Mixology’s online training format allows you to learn at your own pace and practice, practice, practice all you want… something we’re sure your friends will love!

What Our Customers Say...

Tim J.
Truly enjoyed the brewing class! I've been to many brewer talks but could never quite grasp the intricacies of the process. Maybe it's because some brewers don't want to give away their "secrets", but Bob was most organized and knowledgeable. Can't wait to lay some knowledge at the next craft beer fest! Thank you!
The beer brewing class was so informative. The step-to-step info was presented in a way that could get anyone up and running. Thanks a million!
Great information last week. I feel like I know how to get from point A to Z when it comes to making my own craft beer. Hope the wife won't mind but I think I'll start a brewery in my garage.